Creating Contacts

Security Note

In order to use this feature, your 25Live user must have appropriate permissions (Admin: 12.0 Create, Edit and Copy Contacts) in Group Administration.

To Create a Contact

1. To create a new user/contact, use the Search link in the 25Live More menu to navigate to the search page.

Search link in the More dropdown menuImage: The Search link in the 25Live More menu

2. In the Select Object dropdown menu, select Contacts

3. Below the contact search bar, click Create New Contact

Create new contact button below the contact searchImage: After selecting Contacts from the dropdown menu, users with sufficient rights will see a Create New Contact button.

4. Fill out the required fields:

  • First Name (optional)
  • Middle Name (optional)
  • Last Name
  • Work Email

5. Save by selecting the Add Contact button

Create New Contact formImage: Create New Contact form

After saving, you will be routed to the Contact Details page. There, you can view or edit associated information for your new contact.