Creating and Editing Surveys in Eval25

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Eval25 Survey Tab
Creating and Editing Surveys
Survey Categories and Questions
Distributing and Inviting Participants to Surveys
Granting Survey Access
Viewing Survey Results

You can use the Eval25 Survey tool to create, edit, and distribute surveys on any subject you create, such as mid-term opinions, reasons for dropping a class, or a facilities analysis. When ready, you can invite individual participants to take the survey and to see the survey results.

Create a New Survey

1. Choose Survey from the Eval25 menu bar

2. Click Create Survey

Create survey button under survey listImage: Tap Create Survey to open the New Survey window.

3. Enter a Survey Title

Create a new survey windowImage: Enter a survey title in the field. Then, tap Create.

4. Click Create

Clone/Copy an Existing Survey

1. Choose Survey From the Eval25 Menu bar

2. Locate the Survey you Wish to Copy and Select the Clone Button (clone icon ) in the Tasks Column

Clone survey windowImage: Edit the Survey Title and tap Clone.

3. Update the Survey Title

4. Click Clone

Edit Survey Settings

1. Open a Survey and Navigate to the Edit tab

2. Click Settings and Fill out the Fields

  • Title: Contains the name you initially gave the survey. Changing the name here updates the name for the settings, but does not change the name of the survey.
  • Survey Period:
    • Always - Select to make the survey’s availability open-ended. 
    • Date Range - Select, then use the calendar fields, to make the survey only available between specified start and end dates.
  • Survey Availability: 
    • Public - Select to allow anyone to participate in the survey. 
    • By Invitation - Select to limit participation to those who you invite.
  • Message on Finish: By default “Survey completed. Thank you” displays when a survey is completed. To change that message, enter the new text here.

Survey settings windowImage: Survey Settings.

3. Tap Save Settings

Edit Survey Categories or Questions

Please see Survey Categories and Questions.

Transfer Survey Ownership

1. Click the Transfer  button 

Located in the Tasks column on the Survey tab. You'll need to have ownership over a survey in order to to transfer it to another user.

2. Choose who to Transfer the Survey to

In the New Owner Email field, enter the email address of an existing Eval25 Instructor or Administrator.

(Optional) Tick the checkbox to keep your own access to the survey. This will keep the Access tab available to you when viewing the survey details.

2. Save

Click the Save button to confirm.

Delete a Survey

1. From the Survey tab, click the Delete delete icon button

Located in the Tasks column.

2. Click the OK button to confirm.

Archive a Survey

1. From the Survey tab, click the Archive archive icon button 

Located in the Tasks column.

2. Click the OK button to confirm.