Creating a Group

To create a new group, you must begin by copying an existing one. After you've created the group, you're ready to complete the process by changing its security options as needed and adding members. 

  1. Sign in to Group Administration.
  2. On the Group Administration home page, use the Keyword search to find the group you want to copy to create your new group and select it.  
  3. Click the "Copy" button.
  4. Name the new group (required), and modify its description as needed.
  5. Select where you want to go to next – back to the Groups Home page, to the Configure Security page to modify security settings for the group, or to the Configure Members page to add members to the group.
    Copy Group Configuration optionsImage: Copy Group Configuration options.
  6. Click Copy.

  7. In the copy confirmation window, click OK.
    All current security settings are copied to the new group.
    group copy success messageImage: A confirmation message will indicate that the copy was successful.
  8. Next, you must add members to the group and modify its security settings as needed. See "Related Topics."