Creating a Featured Events Custom Attribute

The next step in preparing your 25Live environment for the use of Featured Events requires you to complete some work in your 25Live System Settings.  Here, you will need to: 

  • Create a Featured Events custom attribute
  • Connect this new custom attribute to your Event Types in the Event Type Hierarchy.

Create the Featured Events Custom Attribute

1. Open the Event Custom Attributes View

Use the 25Live More menu to navigate to System Settings > Master Definitions > Custom Attributes > Event

List of custom attribute views organized by object type

2. Edit the Type

Before using the button to create a new custom attribute, Text from the Type dropdown menu.

Choosing a type for a new custom attribute

3. Use the Create New Button

To add a new custom attribute, use the Create New button to add a new custom attribute. Your new attribute will appear at the top of the list.

New custom attribute at top of listImage: After choosing a Type and using the Create New button, the new attribute is listed at the top with a default name.

4. Rename the New Custom Attribute

The new attribute will appear with a default name that includes its ID number. Use the edit icon () to rename the new custom attribute (eg. Featured Events).

Add The Custom Attribute to the Event Type Hierarchy

1. In 25Live System Settings, go to Master Definitions > Event Types > List, and toggle to List View.  

Event Types List

2. Select the name of the event type where you'd like to attach the featured custom attribute.

3. Scroll down to Custom Attributes and click Select Custom Attribute

From the options, select Featured Event. Then press Done.

Custom attributes selection window

3. Don't forget to Save your changes.

Applying the Featured Event Custom Attribute to Multiple Event Types at Once

It is possible to apply the new featured event custom attribute to multiple event types with one mass edit.