Creating a Featured Events Custom Attribute in the 25Live Administration Utility

The next step in preparing your 25Live environment for the use of Featured Events requires you to complete some work in your 25Live Administration Utility.  Specifically, there are important items that need to be accomplished in order to enable the Featured Events field to actually function in 25Live Publisher.  These items are:

  • Creating a Featured Events custom attribute
  • Connecting this new custom attribute to your Event Types in the Event Type Hierarchy.

To enable use of the Featured Events field in 25Live and 25Live Publisher, 

  1. Log into the 25Live Administration Utility.  We will be specifically focusing our efforts on the Events tab in the 25Live Administration Utility.
  2. Click the Custom Attributes link in the Events panel to open the Manage Event Custom Attributes page.
  3. In the Manage Event Custom Attributes page, click the Add Attribute button.
  4. In the text field, enter the name of the custom field you've built in 25Live Publisher (e.g., Featured Events), set the data format to Text, and then click the Update Attributes button.
  5. Once you have created the event custom attribute for your featured event field, you need to attach it to event types in your Event Type Hierarchy.  Click the Event Type Hierarchy sub-tab in the Events tab to open the Hierarchy.
  6. In the Manage Event Type Hierarchy page, click the Browse (manage/add) link under Find Event Types by . . .
  7. In the Browse Event Hierarchy list, locate the cabinet and folder structure that contains the event types to which you want to add the new featured event custom attribute.
  8. To add the custom attribute to one event type, click on the event type and then click the Edit button.
  9. Locate the Custom Attributes section inside the Edit Event Type page and click its Edit button.
  10. Locate the featured event custom attribute that you created and click its checkbox to add it to the available custom attributes for this event type.
  11. Click the Save Changes button to save the new settings.
Applying the Featured Event Custom Attribute to Multiple Event Types at Once

It is possible to apply the new featured event custom attribute to multiple event types with one mass edit. To add the custom attribute you created to multiple event types:

  1. Select all of the event types to which you want to add the new custom attribute by holding down the Ctrl Key on your keyboard and left-clicking on each event type.
  2. In the Manage Event Type Hiearchy page, locate the Custom Attributes (ADD) checkbox and click it to open the Custom Attributes list.
  3. Locate and place a check in the checkbox for your featured events custom attribute.
  4. Click the Save Changes button to apply the new custom attribute to the selected group of Event Types.
  5. You will observe a Saving Details for box appear which will iterate through each of the selected event types.
  6. When the Administration Utility is finished processing all of the event types, you will see a successful edits message. If you have more edits to accomplish to your event types, you may click the Manage More Types button to return to the Manage Event Type Hierarchy page.