Create Date Exceptions and Categories

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Each import extract set has two areas for individual configurations which apply just to classes in that set. These settings affect every class in the extract set.

You can customize extract sets this way at any time, but classes already imported to 25Live will not be affected unless you update them with another import.

Date Exceptions

Add new date exception dropdown options in LYNXImage: Selecting a new date exception for an extract set.

Date exceptions handle the specific dates that don't behave like others in a meeting pattern–like holidays or unexpected snow days. They come in three types:

  • Conversions both add and remove dates by "cut and pasting" one date to replace another
    • Example: no classes meet on Monday for Memorial Day, meeting on Tuesday instead of the normal schedule
  • Make-up Days add dates to a meeting pattern by copying the schedule of an existing date
    • Example: an extra day is added to the term in June, with all the same classes as a specific day in May
  • Exclusions remove dates from a meeting pattern
    • Example: classes don't meet during a week of spring break

Typically, you'll map out all your holidays ahead of time and add them as exclusions or conversions. Make-up days typically get added later under special circumstances.

For more information, see Setting Date Exceptions.


You can add event categories to an entire extract set by configuring them in the Settings menu for the extract set. This is most useful if you have multiple non-overlapping extract sets (see above) and you want something in 25Live to indicate their membership.