Copying Related Events

Security Note

In order to create and edit events as a group, you'll need to enable the following setting in Series25 Group Administration:
Basic: 2.1 Manage Event Relationships and Binding. 
Additionally, remember that even though they're in a group, related and bound events are still separate objects with their own object security. Make sure you have appropriate permissions to view and edit them, the same as you would any other event. 

When you copy an event that is in a set with other related events, you're given the option of copying just the current event as a new, unrelated event or copying the current event and relating it to the set the original event is in. If you choose the latter, a new tab is created in the Event Form for each copied event. You can copy related events from two places in 25Live Pro:

  •  From the Event Form summary of More Event Options displayed when you save an event.


  •  When you're viewing an open event.
Tip: You Can Expand a Calendar View of an Event to Show All its Related Events

Select Show Related Events in the event view navigation bar.

Note: Copying Events Doesn't Automatically Copy Their Relationships

Copying related events doesn't automatically copy the relationships unless you choose the “Copy and Relate to Set” option. You'll need to establish the relationships after you've saved the new events created from the copies, as described below.

To Copy Related Events

1. Access the Copy Function

With one of the events in the related set open, choose Copy Event from the More Actions menu.


Use the Create A Related Copy of This Event at the end of the Event Form when creating an event.


Select Copy in More Event Options immediately after editing and saving an event (with relationships) in the Event Form (if you have appropriate permissions).

2. Choose What You Want to Copy

related event list 

Image: Related events will be available for selection when copying.

  • Choose Stand-Alone to create an independent copy of your event.
  • Choose Related to copy your event and relate it to the current event or a related event set.
    • Use the checkboxes to select which events to relate.

3. Modify and Save Each Copied Event

Note: Related Event Start Dates

Only the primary copied event will reflect the new start date when copying a related event set. You will need to modify each related event's start date separately. Not adjusting the start dates on the related events could result in the loss of object assignments due to conflict(s), so it’s best practice to adjust the start dates right away as part of your copying workflow.

Use the Event Form to modify and save each event you've copied.

Tip: Ways to Quickly Establish Relationships

When you save a copy, on the Event Form success page you can choose to relate the copy to the event copied from or, when the other copies have been saved, to quickly establish relationships among them as needed.