Copying Events

Security Note
  • You need to have security permissions that allow you to access and copy the original event and create a new event.
  • You must have security permissions for the location(s) and resource(s) associated with the originating event for those to be copied into your new event.
  • You will only be able to save the copied event with any Event State(s) available to your user.

If you're unable to access or copy an event you think should be available to you, contact your system administrator.

To Copy an Event

1. Search for the Event to Copy

Search for the event you want to copy, then click the event name to open the event details view.

2. Choose Copy Event

More Actions menuImage: You can copy an event from the event details view.  

 Event creation success screenImage: You can copy an event by creating a related copy from the "After Saving This Event..." section after creating or editing the event.

Choose Copy Event from the More Actions display in the event details view. 2You can also copy an event from the What's Next section displayed when you save a new or edited event by using the Copy button.

Tip: Copying Events With Segments

When copying an event with segments, the copy is temporarily stored as a draft. Use caution if your institution disallows drafts.

When you choose to copy an event from the event details tab (with appropriate security permissions), you may see a "Copy Related Events" dialog box if the event is related to others.

copying related eventsImage: The Copy Related Events dialog box displays for users with appropriate security permissions.

You have the option to copy only this event or to copy the event and relate it to other events to create a related event set. If the event you are copying is already in a related event set, you can see its related events in the dialog box and choose to copy any of them or to create a new set. See Creating Related Events and Copying Related Events for more information.

If an event's parent is cancelled, 25Live will bring the occurrences back to active, but if the parent event is active, 25Live will copy individual occurrence states as they were.

3. Edit Your Copied Event

The event request form loads with many fields pre-populated for you from the originating event (except fields that may no longer be relevant, such as the requestor or inactive custom attributes). In the event editor, go through each tab and field to verify which details you want to retain and which you need to edit for the copy. Be sure to "touch on" every field to be sure you're getting the results you want. 

Also, along with many other event details, the dates/times from the original event are retained in the event copy, so location and resource assignments may be flagged as conflicts with the original or removed.

4. Save Your Copied Event

When you've finished making changes, use the Save button to save the event and open a set of options for continuing. 

If the original event was starred as a favorite, the copy is automatically starred too. You can unstar the event in the Event Options ("Remove from Starred?") displayed when you save the copy.