Copying a Course from an Evaluation Term or Session in Eval25

This procedure should generally be reserved for testing purposes prior to the Eval25 system going into production, or in those rare cases where there may be students or instructors in a particular evaluation term or session who are not in your database, and were therefore not in the download file you sent to CollegeNET.

Copying a Course

1. Choose Registration From the Configuration Menu

2. Search or Browse for the Course

  • To search:
    • With the Search tab selected, choose Courses from the Search dropdown list.
    • Choose the evaluation term you want to search in.
    • Enter the full or partial name of the course in the search text field (not case-sensitive).
    • Click Go.
  • To browse:
    • With the  Browse tab selected, choose the Term, and optionally the School, Department, Subject, and Number of the course from the dropdown lists.

3. Find the Course in the Results Area of the Page 

Select it to open the information page for the course.

4. Click Copy to open the Copy Course to Another Term Window
Copy course to another term windowImage: Copy Course to Another Term fields.

5. Select the Evaluation Term you want to Copy the Course to and the Evaluation Session 

This only applies if the course is associated with a session.

6. Check the Appropriate Copy Box(es) 

These will copy the instructors and/or students associated with the course as well.

7. Click Copy