Copying a 25Live Resource

Security Note

To copy a resource, your 25Live user must have appropriate permissions set in Group Administration: 

  • Admin: 11.0 Create, Edit and Copy Resources

You will also need either of the following sets of privileges:

  • Edit, Delete, Copy Object Security rights for the resource that you are copying
    Default Security - Resources = Edit or higher
  • OR the ability to override resource security requirements: Admin: 23.0 Override Resource Security = Yes

Accessed via the More Options display when Viewing Resource Details, 25Live provides users with sufficient permission the ability to use the current resource they are viewing as a base to create a new resource.

How to Copy a Resource to Create a New Resource

1. Go to a Resource's Details View

Find the resource you would like to use as a base or template for your new resource, and go to its details view. You can do this by using favorited links from your home dashboard, searches, or when viewing calendars or availability grids.

2. Open the More Options Display

More Actions drop down buttonImage: Open the More Actions display by tapping or clicking on the expansion menu. Collapse it again using the "Collapse" link.

Use the More Actions link to open the display in the resource's details view.

3. Use the Copy Resource Link, And Complete Fields

Copy Resource optionImage: Use the Copy Resource option to complete fields for your new resource.

Open the Copy Resource options view, then complete the information needed for your new resource.

  • Resource Name - The unique name for your new resource
    • Note: Be sure to remove the automatically added "(Copy)" text 
  • Copy Security - Optional checkboxes that allow you to copy the security policies related to this resource:
    • Assignment Policy - Policies that specify which security groups can assign individual spaces or resources to events and when
      • Notification Policy -  Specifies the individual or individuals that need to receive a notification when an event using the data item is created or changed
      • Object Level Security - Security that controls security group access to individual 25Live objects, including spaces, resources, cabinets, folders, events, organizations, and reports

4. Save Your New Resource

Use the Copy and Edit button to save your new resource's information and view its details in Edit Mode to add more details.

Tip: You May Also Choose to Create Another

You may also use the Copy and Create Another button to create an additional resource copy using the same settings and information you just completed.