Contact Data Overview

In 25Live, the term "contact" refers to any person who uses 25Live to request or schedule classes or events and/or perform other system functions, and/or is affiliated with a department or organization that sponsors classes or events.

A contact may also be generic. For example, you could have a contact named "Student Congress President" regardless of the specific person occupying the position.

Creating and Maintaining Contacts

Contacts can be created in Series25 Group Administration when Adding Users to Security Groups. They can also be created from the Event Form.

You can edit and maintain contacts in 25Live by inline editing from the Contact Details view. They can also be viewed and associated with classes and events in 25Live.

Types of Contact Data You Can Store

You can store a variety of information about each contact:

  • Name, title, and identification information — a last name is required
  • Email address(es) — the work email address is required
  • 25Live user identification and security group information, if the contact is a 25Live user
  • Work and home addresses
  • Comments
  • Organizations or departments the contact is associated with
  • Attributes—any other contact data you want to track

Contact Custom Attributes Master Definition

Some contact data comes from your Contact Custom Attributes master definitions, a comprehensive, relatively stable list of additional data elements you want to track about contacts that are created and managed in the 25Live System Settings. You apply the appropriate items from the list to each contact.

System-Supplied Contact Custom Attributes

In addition to the contact custom attributes you create, 25Live includes two system-supplied contact custom attributes. These items can't be edited or deleted, but can be deactivated.

  • Security Answer — Used by the system to house the answer given by a 25Live user to a security question sent in response to a new password request. If the user provides the correct answer, the system sends an email with a new password
  • Security Question — Used by the system to house the security question to be sent to a 25Live user in response to a new password request
Note: SSO is Recommended

Please see information about using Single Sign-On authentication with Series25 tools. We recommend SSO over storing passwords in 25Live.