Configuring Publisher Settings

The 25Live Publisher is a tool that uses 25Live data to populate calendars that can then be customized to fit the functional and aesthetic needs of your institution.

These 25Live System Settings Publisher settings include the ability to set some system-wide defaults.

For more on using 25Live Publisher, see:

How to Complete Publisher Settings


Adjustments to these settings will be applied to newly published calendars. Settings will not be applied retroactively to existing calendars. 

1. Go to the System Settings View, and Access General Settings

Image: The More menu in the top navigation bar has a link to the System Settings view.

After logging into 25Live as an administrator or user with appropriate permissions, open the More menu in the top navigation bar.

Image: The System Settings link is in the More menu.

Use the menu link to go to the System Settings view, then view the Publisher Settings section.

Image: Find the Publisher settings link in System Settings.

2. Set Default Publisher Display Options

These feed options determine the display in the Send Events to 25Live Publisher view.

Image: Check the boxes for any of the available Publisher options.

Check the Default Publisher Display Options checkboxes if you'd like to:

  • Show event title (rather than event name)
  • Publish only occurrences with location assignments (as opposed to all occurrences)
  • Show location formal name (rather than short name)
  • Include reservation comments
  • Include setup and takedown times

3. Set Event Publishing Date Range

Image: Enter the number of days in the future and past for the date range.

In the Event Publishing Date Range section, you can enter positive numeric values in the days in the future and days in the past fields to form the date range of events to include when publishing feeds.

Be careful setting especially large date ranges, as they may cause 25Live Publisher to update more slowly.

4. Set Events-By-Location Publishing Date Range

Image: These settings form a different date range for feeds based on location.

If you have event feeds based on location, you can use these settings to form a different date range of events to include when publishing.

Enter positive numeric values in the days in the future and days in the past fields.

5. Save Your Settings

Save your choices and entries using the Save button.

The Cancel button will lose all checkbox choices and/or entries.