Configuring Assignment Policy

Security Note:

To edit assignment policies, your security group will need one of the following permissions set in Group Administration for that object type:

  • Admin: 10.0. Set Location Assignment Policy
  • Admin 11.5 Set Resource Assignment Policy

Assignment Policy determines who is allowed to request, assign, unassign, and approve objects. Locations and resources are the only 25Live objects that use assignment policy. 

When editing assignment policy, you can choose to set it for one group at a time or multiple groups. 

Editing Security

1. Select Groups and Go to Location/Resource Security 

  • In Series25 Group Administration, one or multiple groups 
    Image: Choices when configuring multiple groups.
  • Select the Configure... button. Then, choose:
    • Location Security
    • Resource Security

2. Search for the Objects you Want to Update

  • From the dropdown menu, select a search or use a keyword to display a list of objects to edit
  • Under Choose Security Type to View, select Assignment Policy
  • A list of search results will appear with a column for each security group's current settings.
    • Use any of the filter options to narrow the search results:
    • Select a different search or security option at any time
    • Type an object's name into the search box
    • Click Show Differences to only see objects where at least one security group has different settings than the others
      • Note: not available when searches include more than 1000 results
        Tip: Get Info About Objects

        Use the “i” info icon in the Details column to view more information about locations, resources, and organizations.

3. Select and Configure the Objects

  • Select any number of objects you wish to change and click Edit Selected Locations/Resources.Configure Location Security for Multiple Groups options.
    Image: Location Security Assignment Policy configuration options.
  • Edit Details
    • Security groups are listed down the left-hand side. The objects you are editing are displayed at the top. 
    • Select an option for each group:
      • Not Requestable
      • Request
      • Request, Unassign
      • Assign, Unassign
      • Assign, Unassign, Approve
        For more information about the options, see Assignment Policy.
    • Use the Return to Configure Security... button to go back to the previous selection without saving.
      Configuring assignment policy for multiple groups.
      Image: Configuring assignment policy for multiple groups.
    • You can select a different security level for each group. 

4. Save

  • Save your changes