Configure Workday Credentials in LYNX

To complete the LYNX setup for Workday integration, CollegeNET will need the Workday API connection information as well as the Integration Service User credentials.  These settings can be entered in LYNX under Configuration > Settings > API Integration Settings.

Note: Initialize Term Data Before Configuring API Integration Settings

Before you can set terms up for auto initialization by updating the API Integration Settings, please initialize the term(s) under Utilities > SIS Data Initialization.

Workday API Endpoint

Enter your Workday endpoint information (base URL and tenant ID) into the provided fields.

The Workday API Endpoint has a format similar to the following. Note that the base URL (ending in /service) and the tenant ID should be entered in different fields in LYNX.


If you are unsure of this information, you can run the View API Clients report within your Workday tenant.

View API Clients report within Workday.Image: View API Clients report within Workday.

Integration Service Username and Password

The Integration Service User (ISU) should have been created previously according to these instructions. This user is responsible for making Workday API requests. Once the CollegeNET Support Team provides you with the URL for your LYNX user interface, you can enter the credentials for API Username and API Password.

Workday API Settings page in LYNXImage: Workday API Settings page in LYNX.