Comparing and Setting Security For Multiple Groups

Series25 Group Administration allows you to manage one group at a time or multiple groups.

To Manage Security for Multiple Groups

1. Select Groups

Select the Groups you want to set security for from the Group Administration home page.

If you have a large number of groups, you can run a keyword search to find the group(s) and then select them OR click Select All to select every group in the filtered list.

Using the search field to filter groups by Group Name.Image: Using the search field to filter groups by Group Name.

2. Go to Configure > Security

Tap or click the Configure... button and select Security.

the security link is located in the configure menuImage: Configure > Security.

3. Review Security Settings Across Categories

On the Configure Security For Multiple Groups page, the current security settings for each of the selected groups are displayed side-by-side. If you would only like to view settings that differ between groups, select Show Difference.

Tip: The Info Buttons Provide Permission Descriptions

Use the "i" info buttons to view descriptions of each permission.

Configure Security for Multiple Groups page.Image: Configure Security for Multiple Groups page.

4. Compare and Adjust

Compare and adjust the settings on each tab as needed.

Tip: If You Cannot Toggle a Setting
If the toggle for a setting is grayed out, it is because it has a dependency on another setting. For example, Basic: 2.0 Create and Edit Through the Configurable Events Form cannot be toggled to Yes unless Basic 1.0: Create Events is toggled to Yes. Use the info icon to read more information on why a setting is blocked.

grayed out toggles indicate that another setting must be adjusted firstImage: Create Events will need to be set to Yes before Create and Edit Through the Configurable Events Form can be changed.

5. Save

Once you have completed your changes, remember to Save.