CNColleagueLYNXLink Configuration Settings

This page lists all the CNConnectorConfiguration sections within ~\CNColleagueLYNXLink\CNColleagueLynxLink.exe.config. This configuration is performed as part of the CNColleagueLYNXLink installation.

Only the institution, logging, and Colleague fields are required for installation, but all settings are presented here for completion.

Institution (required)

  • Code - (Text) Coded value to identify the institution (optional)
  • Name - (Text) Name of institution (optional)
  • preferredEmailType - (Text) Colleague Email Type to set as preferred email type
    • If type is not found, LYNXLink will use the first one found in database
  • connectionString - (Text) Plain or encoded value used to connect to the database
    • Encoded values must consist of a string formatted as “enc({base64 encoded string})”
  • Testing - (Boolean) indicate whether the connectionString should be encoded if it is not already
    • “true” connectionString is not encoded in configuration file
    • “false” connectionString is encoded in configuration file

Email (not currently used)

  • logErrors - (Boolean) Send errors through email
  • From - (Text) FROM email address
  • Addresses - (Text) TO email address
  • CC - (Text) carbon copy (CC) email address
  • Server - (Text) SMTP Server Name
  • Port - (Integer) Port value to receive emails
  • Username - (Text) SMTP username (not used currently)
  • Password - (Text) SMTP password (not used currently)

Logging (required)

  • logToConsole - (Boolean) Control log output style
    • "true" will write log output to console
    • "false" will write log output to log file
  • saveLogs - (Integer) number of days to keep logs if logToConsole = "false"

Colleague (required)

  • Username - (Text) Username to login to Colleague
    • May be encoded (“enc({base 64 string})”)
  • Password - (Text) Password of Username to login to Colleague
    • May be encoded (“enc({base 64 string})”)
  • Testing - (Boolean) Use Username and Password in plain text
    • "true" Username and Password is not encoded in configuration file
    • "false" Username and Password is encoded in configuration file

Branding (optional)

  • Signature - (Text) what to display in console when starting
  • Display - (Boolean) denoting whether or not the signature should be displayed at program start

Location (usually can use default settings)

  • buildingDelimiter - (Character) If customer needs to modify the building delimiter for combining Building Code and Room Code for how Locations are setup in 25Live
    • " " - Default setting is a space character
    • "*" - Asterisk is supported
    • "-" - Dash is supported
    • "_" - Underscore is supported

Instructor (usually can use default settings)

  • primaryInstructorFirst - (Boolean)
    • "true" - Instructor assignment for a section will be based on the lowest COURSE.SEC.FACULTY.ID for a particular Section
    • "false" - Instructor assignment for a section will be based on the FACULTY_PCT from COURSE.SEC.FACULTY for a particular Section