Class/Event Placement by Preferences Report

The Class/Event Placement by Preferences report shows how well rooms match class and sponsor organization requirements or how well classroom features are being used.

example of the class/event placement by preferences report

Report Settings

  • Sort By lets you specify if data is sorted and displayed by Size or Value AND whether they are then sorted into Ascending or Descending order
  • Group By lets you choose whether each bar represents its own...
    • Organization
    • College
    • Headcount
    • Duration
    • Day Combination
    • Start Time
    • End Time
    • Breakpoint
  • Size By determines whether charts are scaled by the number of events, meetings, meeting hours, or contact hours
  • Orientation determines whether bars on the chart are located on the Y or X axis
  • Limit to determines how many bars/groupings display on the chart; including as few as the top 5 

Reading the Report

  • The X-axis and Y-axis represent the chosen values in the Group By dropdown (i.e. organizations) and the Size By dropdown (i.e. events) depending on the Orientation
  • The bars on each graph show preference fit 
  • Colors in the report bars indicate how well class preferences match the room assignment. The color legend lists what each color represents