Class/Event Placement by Room Capacity Report

The Class/Event Placement by Room Capacity report shows how well enrollment sizes match or fit their assigned rooms.

class placement by room capacity reportImage: Class Placement by Room Capacity report.

Report Settings

  • The Group By option lets you choose whether each chart represents its own 25Live organization, college, or breakpoint group
    • Enrollment Breakpoints: If breakpoints are selected, you can choose from an existing list or type your own custom breakpoints directly into the box to view graphs that fall into these chosen breakpoints. Separate values with commas to set multiple breakpoints.
  • The Fill Ratio determines the capacity percentage that should be met
  • Choose from an existing list or type your own custom Capacity Breakpoints directly into the box to update the location capacity breakpoints on the X-axis
  • The Sort By options let you specify if data is sorted and displayed by name or size
  • The Size By dropdown displays the chosen value in the title parenthesis. Choose whether to display the number of Events, Meetings, Meeting Hours, or Contact Hours that are represented by the data for each chart 
  • Order By allows you to rearrange the charts in Ascending or Descending order
  • Select Small, Medium, or Large in the Chart Size dropdown to adjust the size of the chart tiles and the number of charts per row
  • Check the Normalize Y-Axis checkbox to display each chart with the same range of meeting hours

Reading the Report

  • The X-axis represents the capacity breakpoint ranges for the room(s) to which these sections are assigned
  • The Y-axis represents the total number of meeting hours for courses within the enrollment range
  • Above each graph shows the selected Group By value, followed by the Size By value in parenthesis 
  • The bars on each graph show class placement for the capacity range in terms of the number of classes, meeting, meeting hours, or contact hours, depending on your selection
  • Colors in the report bars indicate how well class placement matches the room assignment in terms of the class enrollment fit for the room capacity. The color legend lists what each color represents

Assessing the Report Results

  • How well does our room inventory match our class size requirements?
  • How well are classes filling the room in which they are placed?  
  • Are they a good fit for our seat utilization standards?
  • Are there any apparent room size shortages that affect this cascade into larger and larger rooms?