Choosing a Heading When Saving an Event

Whenever an event is saved in 25Live with an event state of Tentative or Confirmed, it has to be saved within your cabinet/folder structure by choosing an event heading.

Example of heading choicesImage: Example of heading choices. The options will differ in your 25Live instance.

When You See the Event Heading Choice

If the Choose Event Heading choice is presented, you will see a list to select one. Do your best to select an event heading that makes the most sense for your event. If you're not sure, ask your 25Live Administrator for help.

Selecting the "I don't know" Option

In addition to the names of all the available folders where the event can be saved, "I don't know" may also appear as an option if your 25Live instance is configured to allow it. If you choose "I don't know," the event will be saved in the Draft Event State, rather than Tentative or Confirmed. Draft events don't trigger notifications or requests to assign locations and resources.

Tip: Which Heading or Folder Will Express Scheduling Save Under?

If you have more than one folder that the event can be saved into, a pop-up display will appear to allow the user to select which "heading" (or folder) they wish to save to.

Best practice is to keep a single folder for Express Scheduling events.

Administrator Information About Event Headings

Best practice is for administrators to set up a cabinet and folder structure that follows best practices (Customer Resources login required) rather than older cabinet and folder structures.

There are several mandatory routing rules that influence which folder an event is saved in:

  • The event is always saved in a folder whose folder type contains the event's type in the Event Type Hierarchy found in the System Settings. For example, academic classes route to academic folders, special events route to scheduler folders, etc.
  • The event is always saved in a folder with an appropriate date range.
  • The user saving the event must have permission to see the folder as well as save events to it. See Permissions in Series25 Group Administration.

If multiple folders meet these criteria, then two more things can influence where the event routes:

  • If the event has a category that matches a category on one of the folders, the event will be saved there.
  • If the event's primary organization is on one of the folders, the event will be saved there.

If all of these criteria are applied to an event and there is still more than one folder where the event can be saved, then the available folders will be listed for the user to choose from.

Preventing Users from Seeing  the "I don't know" Option

Requestors are often confused when they see the event heading choices, and if flustered just choose the "I don't know" option, which saves the event in a draft state. Administrators can lock users out of creating drafts by restricting the security group. In Group Administration, under Events > Event Drafts, if any security group doesn't have permission to "Create Draft events", then the "I don't know" option will not display.

If You Don't Want Users to Choose a Heading for Events

See Preventing Choosing a Heading When Saving Events for more detail about the administrative option to prevent this section of the Event Form.