Character Limits and Special Symbols

Your Series25 database has some restrictions for text that is entered in certain fields. These restrictions apply whether you are adding text in 25Live, Group Administration, or uploading via the Data Import Tool.

Character Limits

To optimize the layouts of reports and display grids, some fields have different length requirements.




Event Name40MATH 220 01 MMP XL 2022SHFA 
Event Title120Advanced Calculus Topics
Location/Resource Setup InstructionsUnlimited
Event Description, Comments, Confirmation Notes, Internal NotesUnlimited
Location Name40MRC 230
Location Formal Name80Multicultural Resource Center 230 - Meeting Room
Building Name80Lincoln Performing Arts Center
Resource Name40Folding Tables
Organization Name40ENGL
Organization Title80English
Image Name40East Wing Ballroom
Event Requirement80Will you need security staff?
Contact First Name40Rashida
Contact Last Name40Jones
Contact Prefix20Jr.
Contact Suffix20PhD
Contact Title40Director of Operations
Security Group Name40Academics - Advanced
Category Name80Revenue-Producing Event
Custom Attribute Name120Is proof of insurance required?
Custom Attribute (Text/String)80This event meets all stated requirements
Custom Attribute (Long Text)Unlimited

Special Characters

In addition to alphanumeric characters, Series25 supports the following punctuation and other special symbols:

. , / ? " # $ ' ( ) * + - : ; = ? [ ] _ ` { } | &

The following characters should not be used except in event details, comments, or custom attributes. (In other words, avoid using them for location/resource/organization names or the names of custom attributes and categories.)

! < > % ~ @ \ ^