Changing Notification Task Status

It's easy to complete a task in 25Live (see Completing Tasks), and notification tasks can have their completion status changed. If a notification status was denied, users with appropriate permission can approve the previously denied task.

To Change the Status of a Notification Task

1. Access the Tasks Page

From your 25Live Home page, access the Tasks page by clicking a link in the Tasks area or by clicking Tasks in the top navigation bar.

25Live dashboard Task widgetImage: Tasks can be accessed with the Task widget on your 25Live dashboard.  Top navigation bar Tasks buttonImage: Tasks can be accessed in the top navigation bar using the Tasks button.

2. Find the Notification Task You Want to Change

outstanding tasks search resultsImage: If a task can be approved or denied, you can change its status to approve a previously denied task.

Your tasks are listed in the Tasks view, and labeled with the type. Find one that requires an Approve or Deny action.

3. Use the Approve Previously Denied Button

If you accidentally deny a task, you can use the Approve Previously Denied button to change the status.

Image: If you can change the task status, a button will display.

Or, if another user has denied a task that you need to approve, you may do so with appropriate permissions.

Tip: Dark Mode

The example above is shown in dark mode, which you can set in your user settings.