Bulk Editing Organizations

25Live allows for editing multiple organizations (in bulk) based on saved organization searches.

Security Note

Bulk editing of organizations can be opened up to users who are not in the (-1) administrator group using the Series25 Group Administration tool permission Administrative Options > 13.0 Create, Edit and Copy Organizations and Administrative Options > 25.0 Override Organization Security. If you would like your permissions changed, contact your 25Live administrator.

If an administrator wishes to only open bulk editing rights for specific actions, please expand the list below for details.

Details for Specific Bulk Editing Permissions
  • For the "Edit Organization Comments" action, Administrative Options > 13.7 Edit Organization Comments
  • For the "Edit Notification Policy" action, Administrative Options > 13.3 Set Organization Notification Policy
  • For the "Edit Organization Rating" action, Administrative Options > 13.6 Edit Organization Ratings
  • For the "Edit Accounting Code" action, Administrative Options > 13.2 Edit Organization Accounting Codes
  • For the "Edit Organization Partitions" action, Administrative Options > 13.8 Edit Organization Location Preferences
  • For the "Delete Organizations" action, Administrative Options > 13.5 Delete Organizations

How to Bulk Edit Organizations

1. Go to the Search Section

You can use the Go to Search button or the Search link in the More menu.Image: You can use the Go to Search button or the Search link in the More menu.

Navigate to the Search section using the Go to Search button in the top navigation bar. There is also a Search link in the More menu in the top navigation.

2. Choose a Saved Organization Search

Choose a saved organization searchImage: You must choose a saved search created by a user rather than any Pre-Defined searches for bulk editing.

Be sure the Organizations search type is selected, and choose the search you want to use. You must select a saved search that was created by you or another user, such as those in the All of Your Searches section of the list. 

Reminder: Choose a User Saved Search

You may not choose from the Pre-Defined Groups list of searches (such as Your Starred Searches) when bulk editing. Instead, choose from your saved searches under All of Your Searches.

If you don't currently have a saved search available that includes all the organizations you want to bulk edit, you may create and save a new saved search, then come back to bulk edit those organizations.

Use the Search button to run the search if the search doesn't automatically load.

3. Choose From the List after Selecting the Bulk Edit Option

Choose the Bulk Edit Search ActionImage: Selecting the Bulk Edit option from the Search Actions list.

Note: Bulk Selection is Limited

Selection for bulk editing is currently limited to 1,000 objects or less to optimize performance.

On the search screen, use the Search Actions dropdown to select the Bulk Edit option.

The Organization List screen allows you to check which locations you want to bulk edit. After selecting, use the Go to Actions button to continue.

4. Select and Run Available Actions

Stepping through the organization bulk editing actionsAnimation: Organization bulk editing actions.

Select from the available actions from the Select Action dropdown menu. Each action has its own set of criteria to enter and notes about the action results.

To cancel your current action, use either Return to List button or Return to Search.

Edit Organization Comments

Type within the rich text editor to add or edit comments for the organizations, including text styling. Use the Update Comments button to save.

Edit Notification Policy

With the Update Notify Type Only toggle, choose between No or Yes.

  • Yes
    • Select from Notify Only or Approval Required
  • No
    • Use the Update Notification Policy By toggle to choose between Contacts or Template as an organizing option.
      • If by Contacts, toggle the Add/Remove Contacts control to reveal the Select Contacts button. You can then search and select one or more contacts to add or remove.
      • If by Template, Select Template and select from the Approval Type dropdown menu.

Use the Update Notification Policy button to save.

Edit Organization Types

Select Type and use the Update Type button to save.

See Adding and Editing Org Types in Master Definitions.

Edit Organization Rating

Select Rating and use the Update Rating button to save.

See Adding and Editing Org Ratings in Master Definitions.

Edit Accounting Code

Type in an Accounting Code and use the Update Accounting Code button to save.

Add/Remove Organization Categories

Selecting categoriesImage: The display to select categories you wish to bulk add or remove.

Toggle the Add/Remove Categories control according to whether you wish to Add or Remove

Use the Select Categories button to reveal a category search with checkboxes. Save using the Done button in that display.

The Add (or Remove) Categories button will save your choices.

See Adding and Editing Categories in Master Definitions.

Add/Edit Organization Custom Attributes

Choose from the Select Custom Attribute dropdown menu, then complete any fields revealed by your choice.

Use the Update Custom Attributes button to save.

See Adding and Editing Custom Attributes in Master Definitions.

Remove Organization Custom Attributes

Choose from the Select Custom Attribute dropdown menu, then use the Remove Custom Attributes button to save.

Add/Remove Associated Contacts

Toggle the Add/Remove Contacts control according to whether you wish to Add or Remove

Use the Add Contact dropdown menu to search and/or select a contact, then use the Add (or Remove) Associated Contacts button to save.

Edit Organization Partitions

Use the arrows and X controls to adjust the order and included locations in partition groupsImages: Use the arrows and X controls to adjust the order and included locations in partition groups.

Use the New Partition Group button to create a group of locations.

Your instance's locations are listed within the Select from Partitions control. Check the boxes next to the locations you wish to include, then use the Done button.

If you create multiple partition groups, use the arrow controls to adjust the order preference of each group.

Save using the Save Partition Preferences button.

Removing Items
  • Remove any location from a group using the X control to the right of each location name.
  • To remove a partition group, use the X near the arrows to remove a partition group.

Delete Organization

Warning: Be Sure You're Making an Informed, Purposeful Change

Deleting an organization is permanent and cannot be reversed. Deleting organizations will also remove all references to them, including within events.

Toggle Delete Mode from Off to On

Be sure to note the warning

Use the Delete button