Building a Generic Publisher User Account

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Why Do You Need a Generic Publisher User Account?

There are two main reasons why your Publisher User account should be generic:

  • To ensure that searches used for 25Live Publisher feeds remain available in the event of departmental turnover. Without a generic account, these searches would be tethered to credentials that may be inaccessible or deactivated.
  • To enable the individual(s) using the account to have separate 25Live user accounts for the other roles and responsibilities they may have. 

Remember that once searches become published feeds, they are associated with the user account that created them. They would need to be unpublished and re-published to change the feed's owner.

Building the Generic Publisher User Account

New user accounts are built using the Series25 Group Administration tool (see Adding Users to Security Groups).  To build a generic Publisher User account:

1. Open the Series25 Group Administration Tool

Select the 25Live Publisher User functional security group you created to add the user to, then use the Configure button, and choose Members.

Group administration > configure > members

2. Use the Create New User Button

Create new user button on the configure members form

3. Enter User Info

Enter the Last Name, Email Address, Username, and Password, and all fields required with an asterisk. Use the Save User button when you have entered all the required information.

Save user button at the bottom of the form

You will receive the success message after the new generic Publisher User account has been created.

You have successfully created a generic Publisher User account.

Differentiating the Generic Publisher User & 25Live Publisher Accounts

  • The Generic Publisher User account is used for logging into 25Live to create event searches and publish those searches as event feeds.
  • The 25Live Publisher account refers to the user credentials generated by your account manager. These credentials enable you to log into Publisher to build and style calendars for publication to campus web pages.