Bound Events vs Shared Location Assignments

Typically, events should not happen in the same place at the same time. This is commonly referred to as "double-booking" and it's the whole goal of 25Live to prevent it. Nothing will give you a greater headache than two separate organizers showing up to the same room for their events, each holding a confirmation notice that says they are entitled to the space.

But sometimes you will have a scheduling need that requires you to schedule multiple events at once. In this case, you have two options in 25Live: bound events and sharing.

Note: Double-booking classes from your SIS

This article is concerned with event scheduling in 25Live, but if you're looking for instructions on how to schedule classes in the same room, see LYNX Data Binding Overview.

Bound Events

If you create a binding relationship between your events, then all location assignments to one event should automatically also be made to the other event upon subsequent updates. When locations are assigned to all members of a binding relationship, that location is not available for any other event. Also, if your events are bound, they must be in the same location, and that location must be assigned to all dates (if your events have multiple dates).

You bind events together in 25Live under More Actions > Manage Bindings. Learn more about this with Creating Event Bindings.

Manage Bindings in More ActionsImage: Select Manage Bindings from the More Actions display in Event Details.

Shared Location Assignments

Tip: Permanently shared locations

An administrator can make any location permanently shared (meaning it will always be available for any number of events). See more at Permanently Sharing a Location.

Events share their locations with other events if you check the Share box in the Event Form when assigning the location.  If a location is shared, any other event is allowed to book that same location during the time of that event.  In order to share a location, your security group must have permission to share location assignments.  

View occurrences buttonImage: Click "view occurrences when editing an event to expand its occurrence details.

Use the View Occurrences button in the assigned location box below the search.

Shared checkbox columnImage: Check the Shared checkbox in occurrence details.

The Shared checkboxes are in a column in the location occurrences box.