Automatically sending emails from 25Live

Security Note:

All options described in this article are only configurable by users in the System Administrator (-1) security group.

There are two options for sending emails from 25Live automatically: Task Email Notifications and Event Save Emails.

Email Notifications for Tasks

This email option is found in the Admin Utility under Integration > Email Settings.

Email notification settings

Each security group can be separately configured, so some users can receive emails while others can be configured to not receive email.  You can also configure each type of task separately, so Assignment Tasks might generate emails, while ToDo tasks may not.  

Emails are sent to:

  • Approvers who are assigned tasks on an event within 25Live
  • Requestors of items once their task is approved or denied
  • Schedulers of the event when all tasks are complete

Emails are sent from:

Email can be set to be delivered once a day, or every 5 minutes.  In either case, a single email is sent with a list of all tasks assigned since the last email.  Daily emails are sent around 3AM Pacific time each day.

The text of these emails is not customizable.

Subject: 25Live Update
This is an automatic update from 25Live for Functional Administrator. Do not reply to this email.
The following activity has occurred in 25Live. Click the reference number to see full event details.
Gene Wilder Film Festival (2017-AACDVT) :
Funster Funnington made a request for BCC 101
Funster Funnington made a request for BCC 109

You are receiving this email from because
email notifications have been enabled for 25Live tasks. If you have questions,
please contact your 25Live administrator.

Event Save Emails

25Live Pro has an option to create custom email templates that are triggered based on a variety of scenarios.  These emails can have a variety of different content. This is controlled in the More menu under System Settings. 

There is documentation on:

Event Save Email: Creating, Copying, and Editing Scenarios

Creating, Copying, and Editing Email Templates