Attaching Files to Events

Security Note

All users with View rights on an event will be able to see the event's file attachments.

If you can't view or add file attachments, but believe you should be able to, please contact your 25Live Administrator.

25Live allows you to attach files to events if your institution has configured and allowed file attachments. If you think your instance of 25Live should include file attachments or you do not have permission to attach files, contact your 25Live Administrator.

Attaching files using event formImage: Use the Choose File button to attach files to an event.


  • You can attach no more than 10 files
  • Files may not exceed 25MB
  • Allowed file types include:
    • PDF, TXT, RTF
    • DOC, DOCX
    • XSL, XSLX, CSV
    • MSG

When in the event creation screens, use the Select File button to optionally attach a file. You may also use this screen to remove previously attached files from the event.