Attaching Files to Emails in 25Live

Security Note:

What you can see and do in this application depends on the security permissions associated with your 25Live user account. If you can't access something you think you should be able to, contact your 25Live Administrator.

25Live allows you to attach files to emails as well as to events. If your institution has configured and allowed file attachments. If you think your instance of 25Live should include file attachments or you do not have permission to attach files, contact your 25Live Administrator.

Attaching Files to Event Details Emails

You have the option to checkboxes to add a number of standard reports as PDF attachments, including event confirmation, cost quote, invoice, iCal file, and more.

Attachments sectionImage There are many attachment options as well as the ability to attach your own files.

You may also upload files to attach to the email.


  • Files may not exceed 25MB
  • Allowed file types include:
    • PDF, TXT, RTF
    • DOC, DOCX
    • XSL, XSLX, CSV
    • MSG

Use the “X” icon next to any file to remove it from the email before sending.

Attaching Reports to Event Save Emails and Manual Templates

You can trigger automatic emails in 25Live using event save email scenarios and templates. 

The Report field in the Event Email Template.Image: The Report field in the Event Email Template.

When creating a template, the Report field features convenient checkboxes to choose between available report attachments:

  • Confirmation: Attaches the default event confirmation report
  • Invoice: Check this box to attach the default invoice for the Event Type used

Administrators can also set up custom, manual templates to use in various email options within 25Live.