Assigning Users as Course Administrators Through XML Upload in Eval25

Schools can designate a user to be a “Course Administrator” through the XML course upload file. This designation grants a user the ability to view evaluation results for all sections of a specific course—the application's database interprets this as any section that shares the courses' subject and number.

To designate a course administrator, two fields must be added to Instructor information in the XML upload file. These fields are role and authority.

  • To designate a user as both an instructor and a course administrator, there needs to be an 'INST' in the role field and an 'A' in the authority field.
  • To designate a user as a course administrator and not an instructor, there needs to be an 'ADM' in the role field and an 'A' in the authority field.
  • To be designated as just an Instructor, there should be an 'INST' in the role field. For the authority field, you can enter anything except for an 'A'; for example, 'G' will work

    For this Instructor-only designation, the field cannot be empty. If role and authority are used for one instructor/course pairing, both fields must be used for all pairings.

Note: Use of the role and authority fields is not required for data uploads. It's only required if a school wants to use the fields' associated functionality. The two fields can be left off and all instructors will continue to be uploaded as instructors who are not course administrators.