Assigning Locations to Sections

Once you have run Schedule25, you can move on to the next step of reviewing the placement results and assigning locations to sections based on Schedule25 placements. The placement results are displayed via these tabs:

  • Suggested Assignments
  • Accepted Assignments
  • Not Placed
  • Impossible to Place
  • Messages

Image: Schedule25 placement results.

The Suggested Assignments tab should contain the bulk of the results. This includes all the sections Schedule25 was able to find a location for based on the criteria provided. To officially assign some or all of the location placements to their associated sections, use the buttons above (Check All or Check Selected) to check the sections, then click "Assign" to assign the locations. You can review your assignments on the Accepted Assignments tab and unassign certain locations if necessary. The results of your assignments or unassignments are summarized on the Messages tab.

Sections that are Not Placed weren't placed because of competition from other sections. There is nothing inherently wrong with Not Placed sections or their preferences–there just weren't enough locations available to place them. For example, in a very small Schedule25 run with two sections of 25 students and a single room with a capacity of 30, one of the sections would be successfully placed and the other would not.

Impossible to Place sections are those whose preferences or requirements are such that there is no suitable placement for them in the locations provided to the run. For example, if a very small run consisted of two classes of 25 students each and a single room with a capacity of 20, both classes would be impossible to place.

Classes that were Not Placed or Impossible to Place have to be assigned separately, either manually using 25Live Pro or automatically by tweaking the settings and performing another, smaller Schedule25 run.

Check If Sections Can Be Assigned Using the 25Live Meeting Pattern Grid

The 25Live Meeting Pattern Grid helps you fine-tune the results from your Schedule25 Optimizer runs to find room for

  • Not Placed - sections not placed because of competition from other sections
  • Impossible to Place - those sections whose preferences or requirements are such that there is no suitable placement in the run

And, you can quickly make location changes to suggested and accepted assignments.

In addition, the Meeting Pattern grid makes it easy to share and collaborate your changes with other users. After finalizing these finishing touches, you can send them back to the Optimizer for the final assignment.