Archiving Terms in Eval25

You can archive terms listed in Terms and Sessions. This can be particularly useful when you are working with test terms or want older terms to not be visible to users.


Terms that are archived will not be factored into any reports calculated by Eval25.

When you navigate to Terms and Sessions from the Configuration menu, you will see a section of Available Terms and a section of Archived Terms below it. If you have previously archived any terms, you can look through a dropdown list of these terms, and if needed, you can also remove them from the archive and make them available again.

terms and sessions page in the configuration menuImage: Available Terms and Archived Terms.

How to Archive a Term

1. Navigate to Terms and Sessions From the Configuration Menu

2. Select a Term

From the list of Available Terms, select a term you want to archive.

3. View and Edit

Click view. When the term is visible, click the gearbox option to the right of the term description. Then, click Edit Term.

4. Archive the Term

Locate and click the Archived check box to archive the term.

Archived checkboxImage: Check the Archived checkbox.

5. Save

Click the Save button. After saving, your term will appear in the list of Archived Terms.

For more information, please see Creating and Editing Evaluation Terms and Sessions, Removing a Term From the Archive, & Editing an Evaluation Term and its Associated Sessions