Aggregated Enrollment Report

The Aggregated Enrollment report in X25's Section Analytics sums up the enrollment totals for all sections and groups them by department, instructor, college, subject, or term. Sections with zero expected students are excluded.

You can use this information to judge how full a given course load is.

Image: Aggregated Enrollment report.

The report table includes the following fields:

  • Institution Code:  If a term code has multiple institution codes, they are separated in this display.
  • Group: Indicates the name of the term code, college, department, instructor, or subject code being aggregated.
  • EHC/RHC: The total expected and registered headcounts of all sections in the group.
  • Avg Fill Rate: The average of all individual fill rates (EHC divided by RHC) for each section.
  • Overall Fill Rate: The fill rate of the entire group taken as a whole. (Total EHC divided by total RHC)
  • Total Sections: The number of sections included in the group.
  • Zero Headcount: The number of sections excluded for having zero expected headcount.