Adding Users to Security Groups

There are two methods you can use to move users between security groups. They both end up with the same results, but each one is more efficient in different circumstances:

  • All the users are part of the same security group, and you want to move them to various other groups
  • All the users are members of several different groups, and you want to move them into the same group

Additionally, you can create a brand new user for an existing security group.

Move Users From a Group

  1. On the Group Administration home page, select the group the users are currently in.
  2. Click Configure > Members.
  3. Use checkboxes to select all the users you wish to move to another group.
  4. Click Actions > Edit User Group.
  5. Search for the name of the group you wish to move the users into.
  6. Click Save. The users will be moved immediately.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 to move additional users into any number of new security groups.

Move Users Into a Group

  1. On the Group Administration home page, select the group you wish to move users into.
  2. Click Configure > Members.
  3. Use the contact search box to look for a person to add to the group. If the contact already has a username, it will appear in parentheses.
    Add Contact search box
    Image: Add Contact search box.
  4. Click Add to add the selected contact to the group. Repeat to add as many users as you like.
  5. The added contacts will appear in a separate table above the members of the group who were already there.
    A table of users including Fae Badger with an indication that there is no username or password set
    Image: Newly added users.
  6. If any of the new members do not already have a username and password then you will be prompted to add one. Click the Username link for that contact to set their username and password.
  7. Click Save Added Users to Group to confirm adding the new members.

Create a New User

  1. On the Group Administration home page, select the group where the new user will go.
  2. Click Configure > Members.
  3. Click the Create New User button.
  4. Add contact details for the new user. Minimum details include:
    • Last name
    • Work email address
    • Username
    • Password (if you use single sign-on, you can enter a dummy password here)
    • Password confirmation

Defining a new 25Live userImage: Defining a new 25Live user.

5. Optionally use the Add To Organizations button to include the new contact in an existing organization.

6. Click Save User.

7. Repeat steps 4-5 for additional users.

8. Click Cancel when finished.


If you have many users you wish to add at once, consider importing them with a spreadsheet using the Data Import Tool.