Adding, Editing, or Deleting a Student Evaluator in Eval25


You can make edits to instructors (or individuals who are instructors and students) in Users, but changes to student information need to be made in Registration.

Add, Edit, or Delete a Student Evaluator

1. Choose Registration from the Configuration Menu

2. Search for the Student

If you’re adding a student, you must first search to verify that the student is not already in the system. If you’re editing or deleting a student, you must find the student before you can edit or delete his/her information.

Search and browse tabsImage: Search or Browse for a student.

  • With the Search tab selected, select Students from the Search dropdown list.
  • Enter the full or partial name of the student in the search text field (not case-sensitive).
  • Click Go.

3. Review the list of students 

In the results area of the page, review the list of students as shown in the example below. If there are more than 15 names listed, use the page controls below the list to go from one results page to another.

Student search results listImage: List of students with their ID, name, email, major, and level.

4. Add, Edit, or Delete the Student

Add a Student Evaluator

1. Verify That the Student is not in the System

2. Click the Add New Student Link 

This is located at the bottom of the results list.

Add new student linkImage: Tap the Add new student link at the bottom of the search results.

3. Enter the Student's Information

  • Enter the Student’s ID for your school’s portal, First Name, Last Name, and Email Address (required). 
  • Enter the student’s Major and Level (optional).

Image: Fill out the New Student form to add a student to Eval25.

4. Tap Save

This will open the information page for the student you added.

5. Select an Evaluation Term

  • Under Courses Enrolled by Term, select the appropriate evaluation term and press Add.
  • Begin typing the course name. When the dropdown list appears, choose the desired course.
  • Click OK in the dialog to add the course.
  • Repeat these steps to add other courses the student is authorized to evaluate.

Note: You can remove a course for the student at any time by clicking the Remove button of the course, then clicking OK to confirm. You can view information for a course by clicking the View button on the course.

Edit a Student Evaluator

1. Click the Student From the Results List 

This will open the information page of the student.

2. Tap Edit

Edit button on the student information pageImage: Tap the Edit button to update the student's information.

3. Edit the Information as Needed

4. Press Save

Delete a Student Evaluator

If the student has completed one or more evaluations, they cannot be deleted.    

1. Click the Student in the Results List 

This will take you to the information page of the student.

2. Click Delete

Then click OK in the dialog to confirm.

The student will be removed from all courses in the system they are identified as being enrolled in, and any evaluations they have in open terms are deleted.