Adding Custom Attributes to an Event

There are a few ways to tailor how users add custom attributes to their events to ensure that they only have access to what is necessary and all required custom attributes are consistently added. 

Security groups can have full access to add any custom attribute they see fit, or heavy restrictions that determine which ones they have access to and when they are applied. 

Restricting Custom Attributes

Restricting custom attributes may be in your best interest depending on your business practices. For example, if you want to use custom attributes for accounting purposes, you may want to hide them from the event form but make the answers visible in the event details.

One of the main ways to restrict the custom attributes users are able to access is to set "View All Event Master Definitions (Not Just Abridged List)" rights to No in the Basic Permissions area of Group Administration. 

Image: View All Event Master Definitions setting in Group Administration.

Groups with this setting will only be able to view master definitions that are checked in the Abridge column in System Settings > Master Definitions

For more information on abridged Master Definitions, see Hiding Custom Attributes.

Abridged column of event types master definitionsImage: Abridged custom attribute column.

Requiring Custom Attributes

To require that certain custom attributes be added to the event form and responded to, select them from the dropdown in Group Administration under Configure > Event Form Presentation > Event Restrictions > 3. What Event Custom Attributes are Required when Creating and Editing Events? 

These custom attributes will only get added to events when applicable, meaning that the attribute must be tied to the event type selected on the event, and if the user only has access to abridged custom attributes (see Restricting Custom Attributes above) then it must be on the abridged list.

Require these custom attributes (when applicable) dropdown menuImage: Setting up required custom attributes on the event form.

Manually Adding Custom Attributes

You can give users the power to add any applicable custom attribute to their event by configuring the Add a Custom Attribute button to display on their event form and event details pages.

add a custom attribute button in the event formImage: Add a Custom Attribute button on the event form.

To add the button, go to System Settings > Event Form Settings > Config Settings and choose the event form you'd like to add it to from the Select Config to Edit dropdown menu. Then set Automatically Add Custom Attributes to No. Custom attributes that were set as required in the group's Event Form Presentation will still be added automatically. (See "Requiring Custom Attributes" above.)

For more information on Config Settings, see Creating and Editing Custom Event Form Configurations in 25Live.

Automatically add custom attribute setting toggled to no

Automatically Adding Custom Attributes Based on the Event Type

If you'd like users to have custom attributes added automatically, set the Automatically Add Custom Attributes toggle in System Settings > Event Form Settings > Config Setting to Yes. This will remove the Add a Custom Attribute button from the event form and event details page.

Automatically add custom attribute setting toggled to yes

By default, this will add all Custom Attributes that are associated with the event type that the user has access to. Custom attributes that are not required can be removed by the user.

Custom attributes in the event form

Automatically Add Custom Attributes Based on Rule Settings

If you'd like to have custom attributes added automatically based on other event selections, you can do that with Rule Settings. Here you can add a custom attribute depending on whether specific locations, resources, organizations, or event types were added to the event, or even based on the user's response to another custom attribute.

Rule Settings are configured under System Settings > Event Form Settings and apply when editing in the event form only (not when inline editing).

For more information on configuring Rule Settings, see Event Form Rules: Adding Conditional Rules for the 25Live Event Form

Rule Settings with Target Type add custom attribute