Adding Report Sections and Components in Eval25

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In Eval25, reports contain sections, and sections contain components—such as charts (Bar, Bar Mean, Stacked Bar, Pie Column, table) and HTML-based components, such as formatted text and graphics. 

Add Sections to a Report

1. Click Add Section

Add Section buttonImage: The Add Section button will be at the bottom of the Edit tab.

2. (Optional) Enter a Name for the Section in the Section Title Field

  • The name can be changed by selecting the edit button to the right, or the section can be deleted by selecting the Delete button to the right.

Section title fieldImage: If desired, you can add a Section Title when creating a new report section.

3. Click Save

Add Components to a Custom Report Section

1. From the Edit tab of Your Report, Click Add Component

Add component buttonImage: The Add Component button will be at the bottom of the Edit tab, above the Add Section button.

2. Select HTML From the Type Dropdown box

Type dropdown menuImage: The default component type is "Chart". Click the dropdown to update the type to "HTML".

  • Within the HTML editor, you can add all the text and graphic images you need for your report. You could, for example, add your institution’s logo and any desired explanatory text before adding charts to the report.

Html component type and text boxImage: Add text and images using the HTML component type.

3. Select Chart from the Type Dropdown box

4. Enter the Following Information per Your Needs

Note: These fields can change depending on the selections you make. Also, none of the following, besides Type, are available when HTML is selected as the Type.

  • Type: 
    • Chart: Offers a variety of chart types (see below). 
    • HTML: Allows the use of HTML text and graphics via a HTML editor.
  • Chart Title: Enter a logical name for the chart.
  • Question Type: Options are based on the question types produced for class evaluations: 
    • Quantitative
    • Demographic
    • Qualitative
    • Number
  • Results: Results are shown per one of the following:
    • Category
    • Question
  • Questions/Category: Options for both the Category and Question result: 
    • All categories/questions
    • All categories/questions except instructor added
    • Instructor added questions
    • Select categories/questions: When this is selected, categories/questions display and can be selected.
  • Chart Types: The selections available are based on the Question Type and Results you select: 
    • Bar
    • Bar Mean  
      • Mean 
      • Median
    • Stacked Bar
    • Pie
    • Column
    • Table 
      • (Optional columns:)
        • Mean
        • Median
        • Standard deviation
        • Answer distribution
  • Chart View: Options are Select list (lets users select a view via a dropdown icon and toggle between charts) and Stacked (shows all selected charts, from top to bottom).

5. Continue to add Sections by Clicking the Add Section Button

Add components to any section by clicking the Add Component button.

6. Tap Save