Adding Categories to Extract Sets

Although LYNX has several LYNX Settings - Events for adding categories and custom attributes to imported events based on SIS data, you can also add categories in a targeted fashion to specific extract sets.

To choose which categories are added to an extract set:

  1. Select the extract set from the list. It can be any of the following types:
    1. Section Import
    2. Exam Import/Export
    3. Exam Creation
  2. Click the Settings button below the list.
  3. Type one or more categories from 25Live into the Associated 25Live Event Categories field.

Once this is configured, LYNX will begin adding categories to all sections or exams imported through that extract set. You may want to trigger a manual update to ensure all events are updated right away.

Screenshot of the extract set settings page, including the Associated 25Live Event Categories settingImage: Select which categories will be added to all events in an extract set.