Adding Additional Time to Events With the Event Form

Security Note

System configuration and security determine whether you can add Setup, Pre-Event, Post-Event, and Takedown times to events. Ask your system administrator if you're unable to perform tasks you think should be available to you.

Setup/Takedown and Pre-Event/Post-Event times are not required when creating an event, but they are convenient to help plan for the extra time that events commonly need.

Options Overview

Setup, Pre-Event, Post-Event, and Takedown times occur in the following order, surrounding your event time:

Illustration of extra timeImage: Order of Setup, Pre-Event, Post-Event, and Takedown times.

  • Setup Time: This time is often used for setting up an event location, and the location is likely closed to event attendees during this time. Services such as catering, facilities, or AV can use this time to prepare and set up equipment and resources.
  • Pre-Event TimeThe location is probably open during this time for attendees to take their seats and socialize, but the event has not officially begun.
  • Post-Event TimeDuring this time, you might allow event attendees to gather their belongings, chat, and make their way out of the location.
  • Takedown TimeAfter attendees have left, this time is commonly used to clean up and for services such as catering, facilities, or AV to remove equipment or resources.

These Times Are Part of Your Event’s Total Time

Setup, Pre-Event, Post-Event, and Takedown times are a part of the total reservation duration time.

For example, a 1-hour event may also include:

  • 30 minutes of Setup time
  • 15 minutes of Pre-Event time
  • 15 minutes of Post-Event time
  • 30 minutes of Takedown time

Our 1-hour event now has a 2.5-hour reservation duration.

Adding Setup, Pre-Event, Post-Event, or Takedown Times

After you choose whether or not your event has more than one occurrence, you are ready to select event times and, optionally, add Setup, Pre-Event, Post-Event, and/or Takedown times.

Demonstration of adding timeImage: Adding Setup, Pre-event, Post-Event, and/or Takedown times.

The Event Form shows and changes the Reservation Start date/time, Reservation End date/time, and the total Reservation Duration as you add or remove additional time.

1. Reveal the Time Section(s)

Use the arrow () icon to expand or collapse sections.

Tip: Added Additional Time Is Indicated By the Icon

When editing an event, before you use the arrow icon to expand the Additional Time section, you can see if any additional time has already been saved for the event by looking at the bookmark icon (Bookmark icon) to see if it's filled in.

Time is indicated before the section is openedImage: Additional Time added is indicated by the icon next to the section title.

2. Add Times

Type in times in any of the fields. Any added time will be included in the total Reservation Duration.

Removing or Changing Setup, Pre-Event, Post-Event, and/or Takedown Times

Find the event you wish to edit the Setup, Pre-Event, Post-Event, and/or Takedown times for. Or, if you are currently creating an event, use the back and next arrow buttons to return to the event times step (for quick access to the event times step, just click on the event time in the left-hand display of event information). 

You can remove all Setup or Pre-Event times from your event by clearing or typing 0 (zero) in all the time fields in the section.