Adding a Schedule25 Run

To Add a Schedule25 Optimizer Run

Select the Optimizer tab in X25 Analytics, then choose "Add a Run." From here, you can edit the settings for the run as needed. When you're done, click Save.

Screenshot of the window to add a run, including all options described belowImage: Adding a new Optimizer run.

Run Settings Descriptions

Prepare Step Options

Location/Event Search: The searches you select determine the events (course sections) that will be placed by Schedule25 and the possible locations where they can be placed.

Preassignments: If any sections in the event search have already been assigned a location, this setting determines whether those preassignments will be honored. If you select "Mark as preferred," Schedule25 will convert the assignments to first choice location preferences and place them in their currently assigned locations, if possible.

Best practice: Don't include preassigned sections in your event search

For best Schedule25 processing results, craft your event search so that sections that already have a location assignment are not returned by the search. This will improve processing speed by allowing Schedule25 to ignore all the sections that it wasn't going to affect anyway.

Don't choose "Ignore" for production data. This setting should only be used when testing Schedule25 prior to production or when creating hypothetical "what if" runs in a test environment.

Head Count: This setting determines whether Schedule25 will use expected or registered headcount data when considering location capacity. For cross-listed or combined sections, be sure that the "sum cross-listed enrollments" setting is correct in your default processing settings.

Use Capacity: This option lets you choose whether to make placements based on a location's maximum capacity or the capacity of its default layout.

Start/End Date/Time: Schedule25 takes a snapshot of 25Live data according to these settings, which should totally encompass the dates and times of the sections in the term you're processing. It is safe to "overshoot" and have a few days or hours of pad time.

Ignore Blackouts and Closed Hours: If selected, Schedule25 will not account for blackouts and open/close times when creating its snapshot. This means that it will make placements during times when these conflicts would otherwise make the location unavailable. The user running the Optimizer must have sufficient override permission to make these assignments. 

Optimization Step Options

See Editing Default Processing Settings for descriptions of these options. You should not need to edit any of the default settings on your first run but may want to later as you fine-tune the process in future runs.

Optimize Results For: This allows you to indicate whether you want the Optimizer algorithm to optimize for utilization (the default), better overall placement with lower utilization, or best overall placement with lower utilization and lower preferred partition placement.