Adding a Question Category to the Question Bank in Eval25

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Eval25 allows you to maintain a bank of questions instructors can draw from when adding questions for the courses they teach.

Adding a Question Category

1. From the Form Editor Page, Choose the Form and Term

Form editor pageImage: Choose a Form and Term to edit.

2. Select All from the Category Type Dropdown

3. Tap Load Form

4. Find the Question Category you Want Added to the Question Bank

5. Click Settings (gear icon) > Edit Category

Edit category option in dropdownImage: Select Edit Category from the settings menu.

Located to the right of each question category. 

6. Select Bank from the Type Dropdown List 

Bank category typeImage: Select Bank from the dropdown list.

7. Click Save

All questions in the category are saved to the Question Bank, available for selection by instructors.

Ensuring a Category Repeats for Multiple Instructors

To create a category type for instructor-specific questions (the categories that will repeat for each instructor):

1. Click the Settings (gear icon) Button Next to the Appropriate Category Title

2. Select Edit Category

3. Set the Type to Template

Template category typeImage: Set Type to Template.

4. Make sure to Insert $DISPLAY_NAME$ in the Category Title 

This will display the instructor name. (The category will not repeat if this is not done.)

5. Save Your Changes