Add a New API User in Eval25

Security Note

Before adding a new API user, you will need your User Permissions to include "Admin API Users." 

Navigate to Configuration > Users, locate the permissions of the Eval25 Administrator, and check the Admin API Users box in the Administration column.

Add a New API User

1. Select API User Details From the Configuration Menu

2. Select Add New User

  • On the API User Details page, click the Add New User button.
    API User Details pageImage: API User Details page

3. Enter the New Client Information

  • Client ID - This can be any chosen value 
    • This information cannot be edited once it has been entered
  • User Name - enter the user's first and last name, if applicable
  • Email - enter the user's email address
  • Confirm Email - enter the user's email address a second time to confirm it
  • Access Scopes - select the access scope
    Add new user windowImage: Add New User form

4. Click the Add New User Button

5. Have the User Login

After adding a new user, Eval25 will send the user a passcode via email. Email the user their new Client ID as they will use this for login.