Add a New API User in Eval25

Security Note

Before adding a new API user, you will need your User Permissions to include "Admin API Users." 

Navigate to Configuration > Users, locate the permissions of the Eval25 Administrator, and check the Admin API Users box in the Administration column.

Add a New API User

  1. Select API User Details from the Configuration menu.
  2. On the API User Details page, click the Add New User button.
    API User Details page
  3. In the Add New User window, add the following information:
    • Client ID - This can be any chosen value. 
      • This information cannot be edited once it has been entered.
    • User Name - enter the user's first and last name, if applicable.
    • Email - enter the user's email address.
    • Confirm Email - enter the user's email address a second time to confirm it.

add new user window

4. Click the Add New User button to add the user.

5. After adding a new user, Eval25 will send the user a passcode via email. Email the user their new Client ID as they will use this for login.