Accessing Course Reports and WebOptics™ Views in Eval25

When you log into Eval25, the My Courses page is displayed as shown below. This page provides two tab options: Course Reports & Analysis

Accessing Course Reports

To access course reports for the courses you taught, click the Course Reports tab.

Open evaluation terms and the courses you taught in each are listed with the following for each course:

  • Response rate percentage
  • Number of students who have submitted evaluations to date out of the total number of potential evaluators
  • The date and time evaluation reports will be available
  • An email link to send an email reminder to students who haven’t submitted a course evaluation, for courses with less than a 100% response rate (if available for your institution)

Closed evaluation terms and the courses you taught in each are listed with the following for each course: 

  • Response rate percentage 
  • Number of students who submitted evaluations out of the total number of potential evaluators 
  • Links to course reports—Ratings, Comments, Responses (if available

Course reports tab of the home tabImage: Closed evaluation terms will have "(Closed)" listed at the end of the term name.

Open Evaluation Terms

Send an Email Reminder 

Send an email reminder to Students who haven’t submitted their evaluation for a course (if available for your institution).

1. Click the Envelope Icon in the Course's Reminder Column

2. Fill out the Email Fields

Enter From, Subject, and Body just as you would in any other email system. You can insert data field variables into the body of your message if you want to. Simply position your cursor where you want the data field in the message and click the data field label on the right. 

  • inserts the name of the course.
  • inserts the evaluation term end date.
  • user.firstname inserts the first name of the student.
  • user.preferred inserts the preferred first name of the student.
  • user.lastname inserts the last name of the student.

In addition to the text you enter here, the message will also have appended student anonymity disclaimer text that has been created for your institution.

3. Tap Send

Closed Evaluation Terms

Evaluation terms will indicate that they are closed by appending "(Closed)" to the end of the term name.

Batch Download Evaluation Reports for Selected Courses.

1. Check the box of Each Course With an Evaluation Report for Download

2. Click the “Create Batch File” Link 

This is located above the term and course list and will open the Batch Download window

3. Click the Report Type(s) you Want to Download

4. Choose to Download the Reports as a Single PDF or .zip File.

5. Click Process Batch

6. When the Process Completes, Click “Download Now!” 

Then open or save the file.

View/Download the Teaching Ratings Summary 

View your teaching ratings summary outline by clicking “View” in the Ratings column. Then, go to Viewing the Ratings Summary. Download your teaching ratings summary as a PDF or Excel file by clicking the PDF or Excel icon in the Ratings column.

Download the Rating Comments

Download your rating comments as a PDF by clicking the PDF icon in the Comments column.

View/Download the Individual Responses Report

View individual responses online by clicking “View” in the Responses column. Then, go to Viewing the Individual Responses Report. Download all individual responses as a PDF by clicking the PDF icon in the Responses column.