Using the Rollup Reports Page in Eval25

Use Eval25 reporting tools to see the aggregated average values for a selected term, evaluation form, school, department, subject, or course, and run aggregated comparison reports of different schools, departments, locations, instruction modes, course levels, and class sizes. Drill-down and filter settings can be used to show a line graph with median scores for all or common questions across all terms.

Generating a Report

1. Choose Rollup Reports From the Reports Menu

Rollup reports creation formImage: Select drill down options, filters, questions, and a report type.

2. Filter the Report 

Select options on which to base your report from the Drill Down and Filter lists.

  • Use the Drill Down lists to select significant search criteria for your report.
    • To create an All Term Comparison report, make sure you select “All (X Terms)” in the Terms field.
    • To create a Rollup or Comparison report, select a specific term in the Terms field.
    • Leaving Session blank while the term is still open will provide an aggregate of results for all of the sessions within the term that have already closed.
  • Use the Filter lists to further limit the search results for your report.

The selections available to you are based on your access permissions and the fields sent in a file upload.

3. Select Questions to Include in the Report

  • Common: Include questions common to all courses included in the current drill down or filter selections, but not those asked of only one department or course.
  • All: Include all questions asked in any course included in the current drill down or filter selections.

4. Select a Report Type

Select the type of report you want to create from the Reports options. Choices are based on your Term selection.

  • Rollup
    • Select Rollup
    • Click Create Report
  • Comparison
    • Select Comparison
    • Select the attribute for comparison from the dropdown list
    • Click Create Report
      • The list of comparison attributes is dynamically created based on your selection in Drill Down and Filter. For example, if you select a specific Department in Drill Down, “Departments” doesn’t appear for comparison selection.
  • All Term Comparison
    • Select Rollup
    • Click Create Report

Rollup Report Example

Rollup Report output example.Image: Rollup Report output example.