Academic Cycle Setup

As you implement Series25, you'll need to prepare some things to integrate LYNX with your SIS. These pages will walk you through all the setup and configuration you should perform. Most of these steps normally only need to be taken once, not every term. But you should be prepared to revisit them when there are changes to your scheduling environment, such as new instructors, new departments, or new buildings.

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25Live Fields vs SIS Data
A guide to the fields found in 25Live classes and how they are pulled from your student information system.
Key LYNX Settings
A full list of LYNX configuration options, including which are most important to configure and which can be left at default settings.
Setting Up Translation Tables
Guidance for setting up rules to translate terminology between 25Live and your student information system.
Using LYNX to Map SIS Data to Event Names, Categories, and Attributes
Best practices for configuring identifying event fields in LYNX.
Best Practices for Optimizer Partitions and Preferences
Guidelines for success to help you with Optimizer's partition and preference ranking configurations.
Setting Up Standard Meeting Patterns
An introduction to the concept of standard meeting patterns for "time block" scheduling and how to configure them in 25Live.