A User Cannot View or Edit Draft Events

If a user cannot view or edit a specific event in draft mode, it may be that they don't have the correct Object Level Security rights to view/edit that event, or that the Default Object Level Security needs to be adjusted.

Basic Assumptions

1. This user has logged into 25Live.

2. This user can usually see/edit events.

Troubleshooting Steps

Check the Event Object Level Security

  • In Series25 Group Administration, select Event Security from the Configure... menu.
  • Search for the event that the user cannot view/edit.
  • In the Object Security column, verify that the user access is set to Edit Delete Copy, Edit, OR View Only, depending on whether they need to view or edit the draft.

Object security configuration options.Image: Object security configuration options.

Check the Default Object Security

  • In 25Live Group Administration, select the security group.
  • In the Configure... menu, select Default Security.
  • From the Object Default options, select Default Security - Event Drafts.

From the default object type options, select Default Security - Event DraftsImage: From the default object type options, select Default Security - Event Drafts

  •  Check that the user has the correct rights. Event Draft default security can be set to four levels of access:
    • Can't view: Prevents the user group from viewing or using this function.
    • Can view: Allows the user group to view event drafts.
    • Can view and edit: Allows the user group to edit existing event drafts.
    • Can view, edit, create and copy: Allows the user group to edit, create, and delete event drafts.

Event Draft default configuration options.Image: Event Draft default configuration options.