A User Cannot Request a Location in 25Live Despite Having Correct Assignment Rights

When trying to request a location, if the assignment doesn't "stick" despite the request assignment privileges to the location and the necessary security settings to request the location, it may be that no group has assignment approval rights. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue.

Troubleshooting Steps

Check the Assignment Policy Rights

  • In the 25Live Group Administration tool, tick the Select or Deselect All Except Sys Admin Group checkbox
  • Select Configure... > Location Security
  • Use the search field to select the affected location
  • Under Choose Security Type to View, select Assignment Policy
  • Verify that at least one security group has Assign, Unassign, Approve rights for the location
    Image: Scroll to see each group's Assignment Policy rights for the selected location.

Update the Assignment Policy Rights

  • If no group has Assign, Unassign, Approve rights, update the rights by ticking the Location's checkbox and clicking Edit Selected Locations
  • Make changes in the form and Save

If this does not explain why a location request is not working, you might look at our list of reasons why location assignments may fail.