User Can See an Event But Cannot Edit

If one of your users can't edit an event in 25Live Pro, it may be that their security group's Object Level Security is not set up correctly for that event. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue.

These Steps Make The Following Basic Assumptions

1. This user has logged into Series25, via 25Live.

2. This user has enough Event Functional Security to see events and edit them (i.e. at least 'Edit' access to Cabinets, Folders, and Events).

Troubleshooting Steps

Check the Event Security

  • In the 25Live Group Administration tool, select Event Security from the Configure... menu. 
  • Select Events from the Find dropdown menu.
  • Search for the event that the user cannot edit.

The Event Security option in the Configure... dropdown menu.Image: The Event Security option in the Configure... dropdown menu.

  • Check that the object security selection is Edit, Delete, Copy OR Edit for all security groups that should be able to edit this event.

Image: Users will need the event object security set to Edit, Delete, Copy or Edit.

Check New Event Rights

You may need to check the New Event Rights setting for the parent folder in the folder security settings. The security settings listed there are applied to every new event created in that folder, so changing these settings may prevent future events from being created with incorrect security.

  • In the 25Live Group Administration tool, go to the Configure... > Event Security
  • Select Folders from the Find dropdown menu.
  • Find the parent folder of the event from the search.
  • Scroll down to Update security options section and select the Child Events tab. 
  • Check that the selection is "Edit, Delete, Copy" or "Edit" for all security groups you don't want to experience this issue in the future.