Searching for Reports

Security Note

What you can see and do in this application depends on the security permissions associated with your 25Live user account. If you can't view or run reports that you think you should have access to, contact your 25Live Administrator.

Special security privileges may also control access to search functionality in your 25Live environment. For details, refer to the Series25 Group Administration help.

To Begin a Report Search

1. Begin Typing Search Term(s)

Search results will appear as you type report title keywordsImage: Search results will appear as you type report title keywords.

Suggested matches of report names that contain your typed text will display below as you type. Searches look for both reports beginning with the keyword and reports that contain the keyword.

2. Tap or Click On the Report Name

Tap or click on the report nameImage: Tap or click on the report name.

The rest of the search text will show in the search box.

3. Use the Go Button

Go button in Reports searchImage: Go button in Reports search.

The Go button next to the search box will open the report details.

If you need to clear the search, use the "X" in the search box.

The search box is always available at the top of the Reports tool to search for additional reports.