Reports Overview

Navigating in the Reports Application

The 25Live Reports application has three main areas:

There are three main areas of ReportsImage: There are three main areas of Reports.

Blue square Top: Reports Navigation

The main top navigation includes a link to return to the 25Live Reports home.

The More Menu

  • Navigate to - Quick links to groupings of reports
    • Your Starred Reports
    • Events Reports
    • Location Reports
    • Other Reports
    • Reports Admin
  • Go to Tool
  • Preferences
    • Date/Time Preferences - Options to adjust the order dates appear in, the calendar start day, hours for availability views, and your time zone
    • Change Password
    • Update Your Info - Opportunity to edit the basic information associated with your 25Live username, including physical addresses and email address
  • About
    • Contact Admin - Sends an email to your institution's administrator
    • Product Feedback - Sends an email to CollegeNET
    • What's new? - Release notes across all products
    • Copyright
    • Privacy Policy
    • Browser Recommendations

Additional options are also available to check the username you're logged in as and sign out.


The top navigation area features a search box that allows you to Filter By Report Name

Reports Admin

An additional link to get to the Reports Admin is here for ease of navigation for scheduling or managing reports.

Tips and Help

There are links to quick Report Tips as well as a link to view all Help topics for Reports.

Green square Left Side: Report Category Choices

In wider views on desktops or tablets, the menu of choices is displayed. On smaller screen widths, use the Menu link to open the section.

Image: Use the side "More" link on narrow devices.

Using the report categories menu, you can view your starred/favorited reports and view reports in all categories. Select a report from the choices. For more, see Running Reports.

Red square Right Side: Report Actions

After choosing a report, use the form fields to complete Format Option and Delivery Option as well as any Report Parameters. You can also view a report description and report sample in this section.

25Live Reports Supports Both Standard and Custom Reports

Standard Reports

Series25 includes more than 130 standard reports that you can partially customize with searches or fully customize with the 25Live Interactive Report Designer. Standard reports are organized into categories.

  • Your Starred Reports
  • Event Reports
  • Location Reports
  • Resources Reports
  • Other Reports (These include contact reports, reports that span categories, and other special reports.)

You can view examples and descriptions of standard reports on the 25Live Standard Report Reference page.

Custom Reports

25Live includes a custom report tool at no additional cost, the 25Live Interactive Report Designer. You can create fully interactive reports based on virtually any of the fields stored in the Series25 database with features such as drill-down and drill-to, as well as web controls for filtering, sorting, and navigation. These custom reports or invoices can be fully integrated into 25Live using standard system functionality then exported in a number of formats for distribution to both internal and external clients. In addition, any of the system's numerous standard reports can also be used as a template or starting point in the 25Live Interactive Report Designer to create customized versions with added logos or changed report elements.

A quick start guide for the 25Live Interactive Report Designer, full instructions for the Designer, and a guide to integrating custom reports are available in the Exclusive Customer Resources section. Once integrated, custom reports can be run from this Reports application.