25Live Publishing Flow Chart

The following chart shows steps for using the 25Live Publisher component.

Identifying Calendar Requirements & Sending Content From 25Live:

1. Establish Goals2. Establish Schedule / Responsibilities3. Send Events to Publisher
Decide Which Events to Publish Where:
  • Identify needed calendars: their locations, purpose, content
  • Determine what types of presentation are needed for each
  • Identify criteria for selecting events to send to Publisher
  • Identify the development calendar destinations for sending events to Publisher

  • Who will be the 25Live administrator in charge of sending events to Publisher? One user or several?
  • Who will be the 25Live Publisher web developer?
  • Whether the web developer will have a separate Publisher logon, or share with the administrator
  • How you will manage the calendar setup/testing/review process

  • Create searches in 25Live as needed
  • Share the searches if a different signed-in user will send events to Publisher
  • Display search results for a set of events or their locations in 25Live
  • Sign in to Publisher and send the events from 25Live to a new or existing calendar

Preparing and Publishing the Calendars in 25Live Publisher:

Administrator TasksWeb Developer TasksAdministrator / Web Developer
If you're not sharing a single Publisher logon for all administration and web development tasks:
  • In 25Live Publisher, share each new calendar sent from 25Live to your web developer

As needed, set up the calendar for publication:
  • Select a new calendar in the left column to make it the current calendar
  • Click Publish for the selected calendar and complete the basic publish settings
    • Select the default calendar view
    • Select any calendars to mix in 
    • Specify the URL where the calendar is to be embedded
  • Refine settings from Publisher control panel
    • Click Publish to generate JavaScript code for main calendar
    • Copy and paste the generated JavaScript code to test
    • Add additional spuds, as needed; copy and paste the generated JavaScript code to test
    • Complete formatting as needed

  • Review embedded calendar/spuds in test version of web page; verify content and functionality
  • Go live