25Live Publisher: Customizing Your Calendar for Publication

Which versions of Series25 components are you using?

These articles have been prepared for schools using 25Live Pro and 25Live Publisher.

To begin customizing your newly created calendar, you will need to log in to 25Live Publisher.  You may use the link on the Publisher page in 25Live Pro, or you can bookmark and use the following link to get to the sign-in page for 25Live Publisher, http://25livepub.collegenet.com/CollegeNET/.  The 25Live Publisher landing page contains a link labeled Sign in to Publisher.

To sign in to 25Live Publisher:

  1. Click the link labeled Sign in to Publisher.
    Publisher home page
  2. On the Sign In window, enter your 25Live Publisher credentials and click the Sign In button.
    Publisher authentication window
  3. With successful authentication, you will enter 25Live Publisher where you may begin your work of styling your new calendar.
    Publisher calendar example

There are a number of steps in the process of publishing a calendar and styling it for insertion on your campus websites. To understand the steps you will need to complete to utilize Publisher fully, these steps have been broken into separate pages which are linked below.

Customizing Your Publisher Calendar

1Working with Publish Settings
2Selecting and Styling Calendar Views
3Selecting and Styling Control Spuds
4Selecting and Styling Promotion Spuds
5Styling Emails and Feeds

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