Sending Events to 25Live Publisher

Security Note:

What you can see and do in this application depends on the security permissions associated with your 25Live user account. If you can't access something you think you should be able to, contact your 25Live Administrator.

The 25Live Publish option allows you, with the appropriate security permissions, to send events in the current event search results to 25Live Publisher.

To Select Events to Send to 25Live Publisher

You send events to 25Live Publisher by first searching for the events you want to send.

You may use any of the basic or advanced search options available, then share the searches with the Publisher Seat user who can then “star” the searches in 25Live.

Search ActionsImage:Select Publish from the Search Actions dropdown menu after running an event search.

To select events to send, create and run an event search, or run a pre-defined event search. Use the Search Actions dropdown menu to select Publish.

Note: Sending Events with Multiple “Reservations”

To publish some event “reservations” and exclude others, each reservation must be created as a separate event in 25Live, and then related to each other. This links all the reservations of a single event but allows you to publish only selected reservations. See Creating Related Events.

To Send Events to 25Live Publisher

Note: Sending Events Sets Up an Ongoing Transmission to the Selected Calendar

"Sending" events sets up an ongoing transmission of event occurrences to the selected calendar(s) in 25Live Publisher. So, for example, if you send to 25Live Publisher a set of events retrieved via a search based on the event type "Dance," both existing events and new events with the same event type created later are automatically made available to those calendar(s).

Event updates to existing feeds are subject to the security limitations of the user who created the feed. For example, a new event with the event type Dance is not added to the feed based on a search for that event type if the object security access to the event of the original sending user is No Access.

Updates to data feeds occur at a default frequency interval of every 20 minutes. Contact Series25 Customer Support if you want to have your frequency interval changed.

1. Find the Event(s) or Location(s) to Include

In Pre-Defined Event/Location Searches, you can just click an item in a search grouping, such as a search in Your Starred Event/Location Searches, to list the corresponding events or locations. You can also perform an ad hoc search for the events/locations. When you send locations to 25Live, you’re sending the events occurring in those locations.

See Creating Effective Searches for 25Live Publisher Calendar Feeds (Series25 Customer Resources login required).

2. Select Publish

Select Publish from the Search Actions menu.

3. Sign into Publisher

Enter your 25Live Publisher username and password to sign into Publisher. If you don't have these credentials, talk to your 25Live administrator.

4. Adjust Feed Options Defaults (if needed)

Adjust the defaults in the Feed Options section if changes are required for this feed.

Sending events to PublisherImage: Select Feed Options for this Publisher feed.

Tip: Sending Cancelled Occurrences to Publisher

The feed options section includes an Include Cancelled checkbox you can use to send cancelled event occurrences to a published calendar. 25Live Publisher will prepend "CANCELLED" on the Event Name (or Event Title) for easy identification.

Checking this option will not affect any previously published calendars. 

5. Select or Create a Destination Calendar and Send Events

If the destination calendar for your send already exists in 25Live Publisher:

  • Use the Send events in <search name> to an existing 25Live Publisher calendar option.
  • Choose the calendar name from the dropdown list.
  • Tap or click Send Events to Existing Calendar.


If you want to create a new destination calendar:

  • Tap or click the Create a new 25Live Publisher calendar for these events option.
  • Enter a name for the new calendar. 
    • Type the name as you want it to appear in 25Live Publisher. 
    • This is not the name that will appear in the final published calendar, which will have the name specified in the Publish Settings "Calendar name" field in 25Live Publisher.
  • Use the Create Calendar and Send Events button. 
  • Verify the result in the Status area on the right. It may take a while for the send to complete and the status to show the results.
Note: "Send" Event Date Window

By default, a "send" feeds to 25Live Publisher the events occurring in a date window from 30 days in the past to 180 days in the future. This default window and several other defaults for creating event feeds may be changed by an administrator in the 25Live System Settings under Publisher Settings.

Publisher Settings can be updated in the 25Live System Settings.Image: Publisher Settings can be updated in the 25Live System Settings.

6. Finish the Process

Perform any of the following actions to complete:

  • Tap or click the close icon X to close the Send window and return to 25Live without signing out of the Publisher.
  • Use the (sign out) link near the top right to sign out of the Publisher.
  • Use the Open 25Live Publisher link at the bottom right to proceed to the Publisher environment where you can view the events just sent.
    • You may need to sign in again using your Publisher username/password.

When you initiate a feed to 25Live Publisher, an entry for the new “Send” is added to the Publisher Overview (accessed using your Publisher login). Use this view to track and manage your calendar feeds. See Managing Publisher Feeds.

To Complete the Publishing Process

Your Web Developer using 25Live Publisher refines the look and presentation of your school's calendars fed by 25Live and publishes calendars to designated, embedded locations on your website.
For a full guide to using this feature, please see the 25Live Publisher Overview